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Young and fearless: Startups enter global race for space, robotics and AI (koreaherald)

최종 수정일: 2021년 5월 18일


Fresh-faced ventures pull ahead of tech giants in South Korea in plotting path into uncharted territory


Dog or robot? Back down on Earth, Aidin Robotics recently received attention in the wake of Hyundai Motor Group’s acquisition of Boston Dynamics in early December. The Korean robot startup has been in talk of forging partnerships amid growing interest toward the robotic industry. “I think the robot market will gather further momentum down the road thanks to the takeover, and Aidin Robotics is trying to roll out products and services tailored to meet the various needs of customers,” Lee Yoon-haeng, CEO of the robot startup said. In comparison to robots manufactured by robot giant Boston Dynamics, established 1992, the 1-year-old Aidin has price advantage and the company can offer robots that work best in the domestic market, he added.

A quadruped robot developed by South Korean startup Aidin Robotics (Aidin Robotics)

The startup develops a four-legged robot that moves like a dog, multi-axis force sensors and robotic arms that can sense and dodge objects or humans on their own. The company’s quadruped robot, also named Aidin, uses torque sensors in its joints to cope with uneven ground and surfaces. “Enabling robots to move with four legs on the uneven ground in a stable manner requires a higher level of robotic skills than those needed for building wheeled robots, and that is why there have not been many Boston Dynamics-like companies in the nation so far,” he said. “By bringing cutting-edge technologies out of the lab and into the market, Aidin Robotics will try to accelerate the commercialization of advanced robots in daily life.”

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