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POSCO to develop safety management robots

POSCO said Sunday it plans to collaborate with local developers to develop robots specifically designed for safety management.

Under an agreement with Withrobot, Korea's leading steelmaker will develop robots that move on wires to monitor accidents at its production lines, the company said.

The robots will utilize a range of visual, auditory and thermal sensors, effectively substituting for multiple security cameras.

POSCO also clinched a separate agreement with Aidin Robotics to develop advanced four-legged robots capable of accessing hard-to-reach areas and carrying out inspections of steelmaking facilities.

The company said the solution is significant considering that certain sections of the production lines present potential hazards to workers due to high temperatures during inspections.

"We plan to speed up the development of intelligent mobile robot solutions based on data, aiming to spearhead the digital transformation efforts that will establish safer working environments and enhance productivity," the company said in a statement. (Yonhap)

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