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Smart Gripper 

Robot Gripper Providing many smart functions based on parallel motion

​Smart Gripper (SUSGrip)


Robot Smart Gripper


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Robot Smart Gripper

Aidin Robotics Smart Gripper(SUSGrip) provides many smart functions with parallel motion.

Key Feature

- Long Stroke based on Parallel motion
- High Speed & Powerful Motion based on BLDC motor

- Precise Handling movement with 6-axis Force/Torque Sensor
  (FT Model) 
​- Various smart function (Detection, Automated locking)

- Safe Use 
- Integrated control board
- Object detection without any external sensor
- Intuitive GUI 


- Semiconductor
- Service
- Logistics
- Healthcare

- Retail & E-commerce

- Pick & Place
- Sorting
- Handling
- Palletizing 
- Assembly
- Measuring


Grow Your Vision


Grow Your Vision

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