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A world where people and robots safely work and coexist together
​We want to realize this through AIDIN ROBOTICS’ advanced sensor technology.


This is a robot company that started from the Robotics Innovatory laboratory within the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Sungkyunkwan University.

Prevent accidents that occur between people and industrial/collaborative robots due to current technological limitations.To further increase workability

We are researching and developing new sensor technologies based on field sensing technology accumulated since 1995.

World's leading field sensing technology

Meso-scale It detects changes in the system and can avoid or stop before colliding with the worker.

New type of dual-mode proximity/tactile sensor technology

Micro-scale Measurement technology that precisely detects changes regardless of external shocks or environmental changes

Multi-axis force/torque sensor technology that can be manufactured at low cost through a simplified process

AIDIN ROBOTICS Inc. will continue to strive for the company's vision of safer work and coexistence between people and robots.


Hyouk Ryeol Choi ∙
Yoon haeng Lee

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