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Safety Sensor 
for All-types of Robots

Safety Cover Sensor for industrial robots based on electromagnetic field sensing ​

Proximity/tactile Safety Sensor

로봇 근접 안전 센서 Safety Sensor for All-types of Robots
로봇 근접 안전 센서 Safety Sensor for All-types of Robots

Proximity / tactile dual-mode safety cover sensor for robot with electromagnetic field sensing method. Our high-performance dual-mode sensor has been developed to enhance the safety of your collaborative/industrial/mobile robots. 

This sensor allows robots to provide collision-free service to people. This can be customized to fit your robot's appearance. 

Key Feature

- Dual-mode Sensor, Proximity / Tactile
- Safety device to avoid collision with human
- Customizable for any robots
- Proximity distance: 0~200mm
- 360 degree omnidirectional object measurement without blind spot
- Enable a safer human-robot collaboration environment using flexible and soft materials  



로봇 근접 접촉 안전 센서 사양표 The Specification of Proximity Safety Sensor
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