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Force Control Solution 
for Automation in manufacturing

Automation in Manufacturing based on self-developed smart force/torque sensor and No-code way

Force Control Solution for Automation in Manufacturing

Robotic Polishing Grinding Sanding Manufacturing Automation

| Sanding


| Polishing


| Grinding


AIDIN Robotics has provided an automation solution in Manufacturing based on our self-developed smart force torque sensor and No-Code way. Through this automation system, You can achieve the most efficient system, Immediate task automation with intuitive robot teaching. It could be adaptable to various manufacturing process, such as grinding, polishing, welding, and more. 

Key Feature

- Easy task teaching (points, trajectories, force, etc)
- Active surface force control technology through target force setting 
- Adaptable to various objects, including flat/curved surfaces, narrow areas, and more


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