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Ultra Thin Torque Sensor 

Ultra thin joint torque sensor for collaborative and 
articulated robots

Ultra Thin Torque Sensor (ATSB Series)

Robot Joint Torque Sensor ATSB
Robot Joint Torque Sensor ATSB

Ultra thin joint torque sensor accurately and sensitively measures torque applied to robot joints, enabling precise collision detection and torque control in a compact design.

KEY Features

- All-in-one sensor (No additional amplifier)
- Inertial measurement unit (IMU) integrated
- 4kV discharge test passed
- Collaborative robot, industry application, automation
스마트 6축 힘 토크 센서 사양정보 The specification of smart 6-axis force torque sensor
​The Below is a previous verison for ATSB Series. ATSB is the advanced version of ATSA, could show more precise measurement with a improved performance, signal stability and visibility and after installation.   
Joint Torque Sensor ATSA Series
- Diameter: 100~128 mm
- Resolution: 0.15 Nm (Different from a size)
- Thickness: 13 mm
- Communication: CAN, RS-485 and EtherCAT(coming soon)
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