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Robotic Hand

Humanoid hand featuring 6-axis force/torque
(F/T) sensor on the fingertip

​인간형 로봇핸드 (Robotic Hand)

Robotic Hand

This is humanoid hand featuring a 6-axis force/torque (F/T) sensor on the fingertip. It's capable of various grasping modes (Power, 3-point, pinch, etc). It's suitable for different types of objects and featuring integrated 6-axis F/T sensors, it can reliably handle delicate objects without causing damage. 

Key Feature

- Compact size and weight
- Link-driven mechanism: Offers both high force efficiency



- Industrial / Collaborative robot
- Warehouse picking robot
- Home-Service robot

- Prostheic hand 



로봇핸드 사양정보 The Specification of AIDIN Robotic Hand
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