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Robotic Picking Solution for Logistics 

​Logistics Automation for delivering many items with self-developed Gripper system

Robotic Picking Solution for Logistics
Robotic Picking Solution for Logistics Automation

AIDIN Robotics has developed logistics automation system based on our self-developed gripper system, which could be adaptable for various manufacturing environment and combine with many other robot parts and equipment. This system is applied with cutting-edge AI vision technology and module gripper to raise accuracy and safety during the working process. 

Key Feature

- Effortless Object Recognition and Grasping: Our cutting-edge logistics robot picking system is designed to recognized and grasp random objects without the need for any pre-registration process
- Integrated AI Vision Technology: We've developed our own AI vision algorithm, seamlessly integrated with a smart gripper capable of handing objects of various types and sizes. This integration allows our system to adapt to all objects found in logistics environment.
- Optimized Object Handling: Through the unified control of both suction and the gripper, our system employs suitable grasping strategies to effectively handle objects, ensuring a seamless and efficient logistics operation.

- Productivity: 600 pieces per hour (Max 950 pieces)

- Weight of graspable objects: 5kg
- SIze of graspable objects: 160mm



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